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Requested Videos (Completed in Blue)

12-27-2018     Juvenile Moves

12-27-2018     Intermediate Moves

12-27-2018     Novice Moves

12-27-2018     Junior Moves

01-02-2019     Basic Step Sequence

01-05-2019     Waltz Jump done 01-13-2019

01-12-2019     International Dances

01-12-2019     Partnered Spins

01-12-2019     Synchronized Twizzles

01-12-2019     More Basic Dance Lifts

01-14-2019     Jamaican Rhumba


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01-13-2019     102. Upright Dance Spin

Question: "Does the woman push away with her hands on the man's shoulders/chest during the spin."

Oleg: "No, rather the speed in the spin comes from centrifugal force as both bodies are being pulled away from each other but hold on tight. This tension is the key to making a spin happen. However, if there is shakiness, toe scratching, incorrect leaning or pulling, the spin will suffer and may fail even with correct tension."

01-13-2019     Ice Dancer Question

Question: " Hello Oleg!
I hope all is well with you. I was just wondering why you decided to become an ice dancer instead of a figure skater and if there was an important moment in your life that took you in that direction. I do not mind if you wish to share this question on your website.

Thank you! ❤
Jodi "

Oleg: Hi Jodi! This comes up from time to time, so I have been writing a summary of my skating life (so far). I will add it to the site in the near future. Meanwhile here is an excerpt:

"By this time Elisha (my first dance partner) had decided to do Disney on Ice, and left. While working on the Cha Cha (4th Dance), on Step 11 the left forward outside swing roll, I swung my right leg too high and lost my balance. I swung my right leg back but fell sitting on it, breaking my ankle. Up until this time I was doing both freestlye and dance, but this event would change things. I ended up needing surgery and got a metal plate screwed into my ankle bone. It took me about 4 ½ months to recover, but I was always determined to get back to skating.

When I came back, Elisha was there as well and we decided to skate together again. She convinced me that I shouldn’t try two disciplines as that wouldn’t lead me to success. So I chose to stick with dance and drop freestyle, and by now my only coach was Anthony Darnell, as my money was limited. Elisha’s and my partnership wouldn’t last, and the majority of my early dance tests I would take with a junior coach named Cecily Mesa. "